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http://www.osmogro.com Sells a gel-disk based houseplant watering system. Based in the UK. Osmogro® is the world's best houseplant self-watering system. Let Osmogro® indoor plant watering change the way you water house plants forever!
Osmogro® Houseplant Watering System Osmogro® is the best houseplant self-watering system in the world. Osmogro® uses a unique hydrogel membrane to deliver water to your house plants in harmony with their natural osmotic processes . The special Osmogro® gel membrane also acts as a
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Self watering flower pots.
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Jardineras de Riego Automático Se distinguen por su calidad, resistencia y precio competitivo. Su sistema exclusivo de ventana permite el riego superior sin derramar el agua, una mayor aireación de raices y evita el encharcamiento. Autonomía de riego de 3 a 6 semanas
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Pot designed to allow water to soak through and keep roots moist. Designs include Victorian, floral, animal and southwestern.
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African Violet Pots. Self watering African Violet Pots in Victorian, Floral, Animal and Southwestern designs. Handmade ceramic planters and vases.
Sir Amicks - AfricanVioletPots.net African Violet Pots that make growing the most beautiful African Violets EASY. Unique double-pot design allows water to soak through and keep delicate roots The World's Largest Collection of Hand-made Ceramic pots for African Self Watering Planters for growing

Self-watering planters for African violets and other houseplants. Handmade ceramic dual potted planters in Victorian, Southwestern and animal designs.
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You can easily grow award winning African Violets in our scientifically designed self-watering pots. We have the world’s largest selection of ceramic self-watering pots in many designs and colors. Each pot takes 16 individual steps to complete. These pots are the finest made self-watering
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